Monday 3-19-12

  We have had a time with keeping the box clean and an even greater time finding the right person to help. Joey and I believe that once the box is cleaned one good time it wouldn’t take too much effort to maintain it for the most part. Here’s what I propose: This coming Saturday, the 24th, after the WOD let’s have a cleaning party. This isn’t mandatory at all but I know some of you, myself included, has that one part of the box that drives you crazy that it’s not more clean (the floor or the bathroom for example). Bring your favorite cleaning tools or products and we will knock them out. The more hands we have the easier it will be. We could turn it into like a 20 min AMRAP. Together we can get the whole box up to par and then what we would like to do is find a person or two that would be willing to swap some services – training for cleaning. Not the whole box all the time, just the main points a couple times a week. This will help me stay on top of the rest and then maybe if this all goes well we could periodically do cleaning parties. I know some of you are smiling right now and some of you are thinking there’s no way, let’s all keep in mind that the box houses our community and each of us I know has a sense of pride in what we do and where we do it. So if you don’t have anything going on Saturday, even if you don’t want to, suck it up buttercup and let’s clean!

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up then Burgener

10 Minutes

Every minute on the minute perform 3 Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls

Weight may be changed out between or even during sets. Score total load lifted for all 30 reps.

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Deadlift Strength

Mike Burgener is a Senior International Weightlifting Coach for the United States and runs a Regional Training Center for  USA Weightlifting from his home in Bonsall, California. He has coached the Junior World Women’s Weightlifting Team and his son, Casey Burgener, is a notable American Olympic Weightlifter. – Wikipedia