Monday 3-12-12

Some of us have been working the 5-3-1 program with great success. Some I would like to see use it more. I want to change up the order of how we roll through our time at the box. 

I have set several PRs after the WOD. Some great crossfitters have done the same. To accommodate the ones that are on a tight schedule and to let the ones that aren’t lifting get their WOD done and get out the door, on our lifting days we will warm up, WOD and then lift. I believe this will be a better flow for everyone.

When the WOD is finished you don’t have to just lift. We will work on a many number of things. This will help novice and experienced athletes learn new things.

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up

10 Min AMRAP:

2 Clean and Jerk,  80% OHP Max

6 Pull Ups

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Deadlift Strength

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