Monday 2-20-12

We will be on week four with our strength. This is a deload week. We will not schedule the lifts this week. If you have not found a beginning max for the lifts or if you need to find a new max with good form (as many of you do) then we will do so before the WOD as time allows. If you reached a max that compromised form and proper technique you are finding that your percentages have compromised form and technique. I will explain how we advance our percentages without going for a new max as the week rolls on.

20 Mins: Warm Up, Mobility and WOD Overview.

Warm Up: Bergener


Power Clean, 115/80 lbs

Thruster, 115/80 lbs

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Straps are getting sewn for the sleds to make them readily available for upcoming WODs.