Monday 2-17-2014

Congratulations to Heather Huckabee, Patti Finley, Jeff Collins, Justin Hignight, David Dowd, and Sheree Kennedy!! These athletes participated in Texarkana’s annual Run The Line Half Marathon yesterday, completing the whole 13.1 miles! We had a blast rooting these guys on and are extremely proud to call them our own! Great job you guys!! In case you didn’t see them on FB, here are a few pictures from the race



Now that the race is over it’s time to look ahead. Which brings us to the CrossFit Open. We want to encourage every able bodied athlete to participate. It really is a fun experience to test yourself against the world! For those who have never competed before, it is a whole different experience to wod under a judges eye. We already have several registered athletes but we’d like to see you all take part. If you want to challenge yourself and give it a try this year you can register Here.

Upcoming Events: On Saturday March 1st, in honor of kicking off the CF Opens, we will be having our first Paleo Potluck. We all know that clean eating can be much easier if you just knew what to eat or how to make it! So we want people to cook up their favorite paleo dish, make a bunch of recipe cards, and bring them to the box and we’ll have a community lunch where we can share our recipes with each other and get our bellies full on some good, clean food. We’ll eat right after Open Gym that morning when we’re done cheering on all of our participants doing the first Open Wod. Save the Date!!!!!!!

New 100 day Double Under Challenge Begins today!!!

Warm Up (include 1 Double Under)


Box Squats



Burgener Progression


10 Min AMRAP:

30 Snatch 75/45

30 Snatch 135/75

30 Snatch 165/100

Snatch 210/120 lbs AMRAP until time expires

Cash Out:

Tabata Row

50 No Arm Sit Ups