Monday 12-31-12

No 6:30 p.m. open gym today. Closed tomorrow. Regular schedule resumes Wednesday.

New Year New Box suggestions we really like so far:

More “Open Gym“. An extended a.m. and p.m. open gym available to level 2 and 3 athletes.

The “Chop Block“. A board available for anyone to suggest a song they want to hear during their WOD. We will play that song during your regular WOD time for everyone in your regular class to vote on. It either makes the list or gets cut.

More “Specialty Classes“. If you have a weakness or something you want to get better at make a scheduled class for that modality.

A “90 Day Challenge“. Most everybody we have has some sort of goal. We want to meet with you, evaluate your goals and set them in concrete. We will have personal coaches within the box that will serve as accountability partners and a “go to” to reach your goals. When you get there you get the predetermined prize!

More Competitions. Competitions for everybody at any skill level. We all have fun when we get together with one another or another group and compete.

These we really like. Give us more.

15 Minute Warm Up: 5 rounds of “Cindy”, Double Unders

“Open Gym”

All WOD times today will be open for anything you want to do on the last day of the year. Of course, if anybody needs a suggestion, I am full of them. This would be a great time to set a new PR or work on a weakness. We’re available to you. Wednesday be on the lookout for a good one!