Monday 12-10-12

The first thing you should do before you start your workout on the erg is to check your drag factor level on the monitor.  Most people will just sit down on the erg machine and start pulling OR they may adjust the fan lever (known as the damper) on the side of the erg to a certain number and then go, no matter what the workout is.  I would relate this behavior to every racer in the Tour de France using the same gear in a time trial as they would in a long mountain stage.  It just doesn’t make sense because those are two different types of races. On top of that, all athletes are built differently and have different strengths and weaknesses, so it makes good sense to adjust your equipment appropriately.

Back in 2003, there was an epic battle in the mountain stages of the Tour de France between Jan Ullrich, a big, strong (in cycling terms) German dude, and Lance Armstrong, who was a smaller, leaner athlete with the Vo2 max of a champion thoroughbred race horse.  They battled up the mountain at very different gears – Ullrich was in a high, hard gear tapping into his leg strength and Armstrong was in a low, easy gear which allowed him to spin at a very rapid cadence and use his cardiovascular strength.

Finding your optimal drag factor on the erg is similar to finding your optimal, most effective gear on the bike. In the Crossfit world, there are some people with beast strength and little to no stamina/endurance, also people with a ton of stamina/endurance but little strength, and then we have those rare freak athletes who are good at everything.  To achieve the most effective results on the erg you must play to your own body’s strengths. So, are you a Lance or an Ullrich? – Erin Cafaro

15 Minute Warm Up: Mat Trips, Double Unders

We will cover everything row. We went over some rowing concepts recently but this will be like the collegiate version compared to that high school version. I will give anyone interested some resources and ideas to get better and understand better all things row.

then choose one of the following:

“Tabata Row”

:20 row :10 rest, 8 rounds

2K Row

Go for a 2,000 m row PR

5K Row

I don’t know anyone off hand in our box that has gone for this PR. This one should be interesting.

Post PRs to comments