Monday 11-3-2014

We have some new things for the schedule starting this week. As of this week there will no longer be a 6:30pm class until the spring rolls around again. Also, in case you didn’t read the site on Saturday, we are beginning a Border City Barbell lifting class every Saturday before Open Gym. We’ll use this time to work on improving our Oly lifts as well as doing accessory work.

Warm Up

*300m Row

*2x High Knees/Back Pedal

*Lunge/Spiderman Crawl

*Samson Stretch/Gymnastic Bear Crawl

*PVC stretch/Burgener Warm Up


Snatch Grip Push Jerk 5×3


For Time:


Toes to Bar

Snatch 115/75

Cash Out:

Tabata Plank Holds (One limb off the mat each round)

3×15 GHD Hip Extensions