Monday 11-19-12

Holiday Hours for this week: Monday and Tuesday – regular schedule; Wednesday – regular schedule but no 6:30 p.m. open gym; Thursday – closed, Friday – one WOD at 10:30 a.m.; Saturday – closed. Regular schedule will resume next week.

On Wednesday we will celebrate Thanksgiving and Daylon’s birthday at the box after the afternoon WODs. Sign up on the announcement board if you plan on attending.

15 Minute Warm Up: Row 500, Mat Trips, Stretch

OK folks, here it is. The test. We have (most of us) been working on our Double Unders for 50 days now, that’s two months of du’s, if you truly have been working on them and not just jacking around. You had to know this was coming. This will be the WOD that tells us where you’re at.

“Flight Simulator”

On go begin with 5 unbroken du’s, then get 10, then get 15…so on and so on by 5’s until you get to 50. When you get to 50 begin the decent back down to 5. Any time you can’t get the designated unbroken number for that round you begin back at one. IE; you are supposed to get 35 and you mess up at 33, then you go back to 0 and retry for 35. It is that way for every round. There is a 30 minute cut off for this one, so in the least everyone will get 30 minutes of Double Under practice.