Monday 10-3-11

leavin it all on the mat
CrossFit is many things to many people but one thing it is not to anyone is easy. This is self commitment. It may start as a way to lose weight or increase athleticism but for those of us who understand it, it always turns into who we are. Joe and I used to make reference to the ones “drinking the kool aid”. It’s more fitting now to say the ones “drinking the Progenex”. Stay thirsty my friends. LOL!
10 min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the top of class

10 mins to find Max Thruster

“Death By Thruster”

With a continuously running clock complete 1 Thruster (95/65) the first minute, complete 2 Thrusters the second minute, 3 Thrusters the third and so on until you cannot complete the number of reps mandatory for that minute. 

post what round you completed and the number of reps completed in the failed round