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Monday 10-24-11

 Today we will kick off our challenge. We have several that are ready to go! Some of you have not had the opportunity to sit in and listen to the details on how this all works. No problem. I’ll go over the details with anyone that needs them over the next couple of days. One thing I let everybody know is that the first week or so there will be a lot of uncertainty. It will be a whole lot of figuring out if we have the points down and what constitutes the points. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!…EVERYTHING! If I can look at your notes it will take all the guesswork out of the direction you’re headed. Don’t stress over this. Especially the ones that will just be getting the details. There is no need to fret over time lost. What we are really trying to accomplish is not just what can we do in 9 weeks but how to improve our health and fitness from here on out. Most, if not all, of us will see the most drastic changes going into the second half of the challenge and I don’t believe anyone will be disappointed with the results. For those who really want an exact account of just how much this challenge does, we have made arrangements for blood work to be done anytime this week to get beginning levels on triglycerides, cholesterol levels and blood sugar. The charge for this will be only $60. At the end of the 9 weeks we will make the same arrangements for the results. This brings us to our WOD for today. We will do this WOD now and 9 weeks from today to see an improvement in performance.


20 min AMRAP:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Post reps to comments.

(Very Important everyone will need to post their reps on this blog just below where it says comments)

  • David Faulkner

    David Faulkner

    8 rounds+ 5 pull ups+ 10 push ups+ 10 squats

    NB–All pull ups done pulling up on 45 lb. bar while squatting, first 35 push ups standard, then the rest on the knees

  • Blane

    8 rounds: added blue band on round 5 and to knees to round 6.

  • Leann

    13 rounds + 5 pull ups (used blue band with knee)  Wow!  My first time to go to the box at 5:30am!  It definitely gets your blood pumping early!  I loved it…hope I can do it again.

  • Michael Rogers

    9 Rounds.  Used Blue Band for pull ups.

  • Annette

    7 rounds (Used green band for pull ups)

  • Tamra

    13 rds + 5 green band pull ups + 5 push ups

  • Mylene

    14 Rds: 7 rds unassisted pull ups, 7rds on purple band

  • Charlie Pelowski

    12.5 rounds as rx