Monday 10-20-2014

Great job to everyone who participated in Race For The Cure this weekend!! Dusty and JT both placed 1st in their age divisions and plenty of runners set new PR’s!

Warm Up

*Lot Trips

*2x Carioca/Buttkickers

*Soldier Kicks/Samson Stretch

*Gymnastics Bear Crawl/Spiderman Crawl

*2x 4 Front Squat/4 Press/4 Back Squat/4 Press (empty barbell)


20 Min AMRAP:

1 Bear Complex 115/75

2 Rounds of Cindy

30 Double Unders

*Bear Complex = power clean+front squat+shoulder to overhead+back squat+shoulder to overhead

*Score total reps

Cash Out:

Tabata Handstand Holds

Tabata Plank Holds