Monday 1-9-12

  We’ll work on a few drills for warm up. I will introduce ring rows to some who want a different way to do the pull ups versus using the bands. 
  I often go back and reread something I’ve learned from to pick up something I may have missed before or to see how it applies now to something new I’ve learned. If fitness is work capacity across broad time and modal domains then, of coarse, health is work capacity across broad time, AGE and modal domains. Once we diminish our fitness then declining health ensues. Depending on where we are in life I think we place more emphasis on one or the other, not recognizing they’re synergistic. If The world’s fittest man or woman on the planet sustains an injury and never completely heals and recovers how fit would he/she remain? How healthy would he/she remain as they age? We see broken “has beens” all the time. I say this to bring up the fact that even though we (Joe, Daylon and myself) place emphasis on form first, many are placing emphasis on a “train wreck” of an exercise to burn calories or save ego. Eat right and you don’t have to worry about calories. Train right and be proud of your health.

5 Rounds:

20 Pull Ups

30 Kettlebell Swings/Snatches 1.5/1 Pood

40 Double Unders

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If we can’t perform a simple squat like this should we even consider placing a load on? The basics.