Monday 1-5-2015

We’ll be running a promotion for the start of the new year. If you refer a new member to sign up with us, you and that new member will both receive 25% off for the month! Spread the word to your friends and family. 

Warm Up

*300m Row

*Soldier Kicks/Foot Pulls

*Spiderman Crawl/Samson Stretch

*Over and Under/Gymnastics Bear Crawl

*(With empty barbell for quality)  2x 5 Thrusters/5 Good Mornings


CrossFit Total 

Back Squat 1 Rep Max

Press 1 Rep Max

Deadlift 1 Rep Max

Rules: You will only have 3 attempts on each lift. A failed lift counts as an attempt. Warm ups are allowed with up to 50% of your previous max. Warm Up as much as you’d like, but everyone will get 15 min on each lift before moving on to the next. Lifts must be in order of BS, P, DL. A max must be declared to a coach to validate the lift. The best numbers from each will be added together to form your CF Total. 

Tips: If you’re uncertain on where to start your attempts, take a few light warmup sets and ask yourself what you can get for a set of three. That would be a good number for your first attempt. Assuming you add enough, the next lift should be close, or equal to, your current 1RM. Assuming that lift is successful the next lift should set a new 1RM.

Cash Out:

100 Abmat Sit Ups