Monday 1-13-2014

We’ve started a new process for new members. All new members will go through a 2 week bootcamp before they can work with the general class. These bootcamps will begin on the 1st full week and 3rd week of the month. We welcome anyone who wants to give CrossFit a shot but please get with a coach before bringing a friend to try it out so we can set up a good time to do so. This will also give us a heads up and will allow for us to talk with them about what the program has to offer. Also just a reminder: We know some days it can get tight with the racks but please remember that the classes take priority on ALL equipment. Racks included. If you are doing separate programming then please keep the racks free when the class is working on strength. Thanks!!!

Warm Up


For Time:



Toes to Bar

*Run 400m in between each round. Finish with a run. 

Cash Out:

Tabata Double Unders

*Rest in the bottom of a squat