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Warm Up…. (No Measure)

3-5min foam roll

2 min Run, Row or Bike

Warm Up…. (No Measure)

3-5min foam roll

2 min Run, Row or Bike

Pull up/ Muscle up (No Measure)

10 Arm Circles

Wrist Stretch

10 Alt Birddogs

:30 Second thread the needle (each side)

10-15 Scapular Push ups

5 walk outs

10 PVC pass throughs

:30 Lat stretch with PVC

:30 Second Childs Pose Elbows in with PVC

10 Hollow Body with PVC

10 Superman with PVC

10 Scapular pulls or shrugs

6 hip taps

10 Kipping swings or ring rows

Gymnastics skill work/ Skill (No Measure)

10 minutes gymnastics skill work on pulling Muscle Up drills , Rope Climbs , or kipping pulls ups. Keep volume low, just work on skill. Tomorrow we will be doing Muscle ups, or Pull ups.

Wod Prep

5 min to warm up for your choice

M: Metcon (Time)

“Long and Sweet ”


5k row

4k run


300 cal bike

30 min time cap
Don’t get freaked out about this WOD! Today is supoosed to be a long cardo day. Pick one and do your best.

Cashout Mobility (No Measure)

1 Round

200m walk

1 min Couch

1min pigeon

0:30 Brettzel

0:30 Half Saddle Legs https://youtu.be/0obuY_T0SxM

0:30 Thread the Needle https://youtu.be/V2a3i1SwyPQ

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