Key Chain

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Gymnastic Warm Up Jump and Run (No Measure)

3-5 Min Foam Roll or Mobility

3 Lot trips or 2 min Bike

Mat Trips



Over and Under


10 Glute Bridges

5 Walkouts ‚Äč

:30 Seconds each side

Open Half Kneeling

Iron Cross

Thread the needle

2 Rounds of

5 Jumping or Supported ring dips

5 Burpee, into squat jump

5 box step ups

Gymnastic Skill

10 Min to work on ring dips, ring dip progressions , substitutions, or any other gymnastic skill.

MG: Metcon (Time)

“Key Chain”

200m Run

10 Burpee Box Jumps

20 Ring Dips

30 Butterfly AbMat Sit-ups

400m Run

30 Butterfly AbMat Sit-ups

20 Ring Dips

10 Burpee Box Jumps

200m Run

Cashout 10 min (No Measure)

10 min row, run or bike at a pace just above a conversational pace , or 75%-80% of HRM

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