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2 min row


1 Round

Gymnastic Bear Crawl (30ft)

10 Quadruped to foot Cat/Cow (5+5)

10 single leg glute bridges (5 each side)

5 inchworm to Pank to Down Dog

With PVC

10 Hip Hinge.

20-30 seconds each side of:

pass throughs




Burgener warm up with PVC.

Skil Transfer:

Snatch Push Press x3

Overhead Squats x3

Pressing Snatch Balance x3

Heaving Snatch Balance x3

Snatch Balance x3

Overhead Squat 5X5 (5,5,5,5,5)


5@ Warm up weight

5@ Warm up weight

5 @ work weight

5 @ work weight .

5 @ ?

Last week was a deload week. On the last set consider using the weight you used two weeks ago, or 5lbs heavier if possible.

Wod Prep

3 Position Snatch.

From hip.

From above the knee.

From floor.

Build up to Wod weight over 3-4 sets.

Isabell (Time)

CrossFit Benchmark Workout

* Looking to choose a weight that gets us about a 4-5 minute workout

* This works out to a minimum of 6 reps on the minute, or 1 rep every 10 seconds

For Time:

30 Snatches (135/95)
Last Done 6/24/20

Cashout (No Measure)

10 min row, run or bike at a pace just above a conversational pace , or 75%-80% of HRM

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