Incredible Jerks


Border City Barbell at 9am Open Gym at 10:15am
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1-22-16 (No Measure)

15 DUs

5 min clock


8 front squat

8 Push press

8 single leg RDL (4 each leg)

pull-up and dip strength (No Measure)

4×4 pull-ups

4×4 dips

try and make this the hardest version possible for yourself

If you have never done a pull-up go for it!!!

Incredible Jerks (AMRAP – Reps)

5 min AMRAP

squat clean 115/65

jerk 115/65

rest 2 min

2 min AMRAP

clean and jerk 95/55

* on the first AMRAP you must complete the squat clean before the jerk, if you fail a jerk attempt you can power clean the next rep

**you may power clean then front squat

*** score total reps from both AMRAPs combined

squat clean thruster is allowed on first AMRAP

RX+ weights

165/115 first AMRAP

135/95 second AMRAP

Comp extra core work (No Measure)

50 GHD sit-ups

50 hip extensions

break up any way you like

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