Hold on


Thank you all so much for your support of Megan and her family, because of people like you they now have plenty of clothes. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers while dealing with insurance.
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2-8-16 (No Measure)

26 DUs

spiderman crawl

10 air squats


10 push-ups

over under

10 side to side squats

bear crawl

10 jumping jacks


Back Squat (5×3@70% across 2 count down fast up)

Hold on (Time)

partner wod

for time:

30-30-30 ladies Row 25 calories

calorie rowing

deadlift hold 225/155

1 partner rows while other holds top of the deadlift, if the bar is dropped you must stop rowing

comp extra work(explosive work) (No Measure)

5 rounds

10 meter sprint

5 single leg bounds R leg

5 single leg bounds L leg

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