He Didn’t Quit

It felt great to sleep till my eyes popped open this morning. I knew there was nothing going on at the box. I can make the late service and there is absolutely nothing pressing. When I woke the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the world seemed peaceful. I thought to myself what a great morning to take a run. I hopped out of bed, put the ear buds in and took off. While everything was so peaceful everything also seemed to be so full of life. I took notice of all the color in the plants, the butterflies floating and the sky so blue. Before I knew it I had actually covered quiet a bit of ground (for me anyway seeing as how distance running is not one of my strengths). The trip back I noticed some different things. Like, there was nothing peaceful about my breathing. My line of sight went from butterflies to finding a shortcut back to start. I was struggling! I began to go to war with myself. My mind and my body were arguing about walking and knocking this run out. Of course the last thing I wanted to do was quit. So, I shifted my thoughts. I have to admit I got pretty emotional at where my mind went. That’s why I felt like sharing this with you today. I was whining about not being able to catch my breath and I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to breath hanging from a cross for what must have seemed like forever. My body was feeling pretty beat up. Nothing compared to what He endured before He even made it to the cross. At times my heart and mind wanted to give in to the temptation of how much easier it would be just to stop running. He was tempted beyond any measure I will ever face and by the master tempter at that. Something just made my stomach turn at the thought of stopping as I experienced these emotions. I couldn’t quit, not on this day. I wondered if at any time He would have thought I can’t quit, not on this day. This is Easter Sunday, a day we celebrate the resurrection of our saviour Jesus Christ. No matter our struggles and our weaknesses we are all victorious through Him because He, our perfect example, didn’t quit.

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