“Gimme Three Steps”

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warm up

5 Min Foam Roll .

2 min Calves

2 min Quads

1 min your choice

200m walk

200m jog

10 Leg Swings R/L

Ankle rotations (10 right & left ankle, clockwise and counter clockwise)• Side high knee karaoke drill

Walking while pulling knee to chest

Walking pulling inner ankle up to chest• Toe touches: marching opposite hand to touches

High knees

Butt kicks (knee pointed to ground)

1 Round

:30 Row

:30 Bike

200m Run

5 Med ball Cleans

M: Metcon (Distance)

Gimme Three Steps

3 Min Row

3 Min Bike

3 Min 25m Shuttle Run ( With Med Ball) *20/14

Rest 3 min

Repeat ( Run without Med ball)
For Meters

Must hold med ball at chest like a bear hug position or low with both arms at waist.

Cash Out

Pick one or both

Cashout (core) (No Measure)

2 -3 Rounds

7 Hollow Body Rocks

7 V-ups

7 Tuck ups

Rest as needed

Cashout (No Measure)


Bench Press

GHD Sit-Ups ( Weighted)

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