Friday 9-9-11

“I take Aspirin for the headache caused by the Zyrtec I take for the hayfever I got from the Relenza for the uneasy stomach from the Ritalin I take for the short attention span caused by the Scopederm Ts I take for the motion sickness I got from the Lomotil I take for the diarrhea caused by the Zenikal for the uncontrolled weight gain from the Paxil I take for the anxiety from the Zocor I take for my high cholesterol because exercise, a good diet, and regular chiropractic care are just too much trouble.” – unknown

Obviously this was meant to be funny, but what’s really funny is that there are people who travel down a similar path because they think “a good diet and hard work just isn’t me”.  Your health is mandatory for a good quality of life. Hard work pays off. Our bodies are designed to work. We are not meant to eat the things we eat. It’s been proven time and again, our prescribed nutrition, exercise and maintenance increases you chances of a healthy life by leaps and bounds. GET ON BOARD AND LIVE!

We will discuss mobility for a few minutes at the start of each class and then we will work on proper technique on lifting loads (this can be any lift you or we feel you need work on)