Friday 9-30-11

Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!

Bobby's making it look like field day
Well it looks like we are gonna have to postpone the move after all 🙁 We have one major thing to get compliant before we can pass inspection and unfortunately we’re at the mercy of another to get it completed. That’s ok! It’s gonna happen soon and when it does, it’s on!
  I want to remind everyone it is the first and dues are here. Many of you have already paid and we thank you for being so punctual.
  Progenex Recovery and More Muscle is here. No shipping and no tax.
  I am putting together the final details on our 9 week Texarkana CrossFitness Challenge. I believe we will have mind blowing success with this one. I hope everyone gets serious about participating. It would really raise some eyebrows to see a mass of lean, mean, CrossFitting machines walking Texarkana.

10 min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the top of class

5 Rounds for Time:

Row 500 m

Rest 2:00

keep times within seconds of each other

post fastest time and final time to comments