Friday 9-23-11

controlled chaos = extreme fitness

Great week! We’ve had two successful fundraisers in the last two weeks. Thanks everyone who participated and donated. We ended up raising a substantial amount for both. Donations can still be made for FGB6. We do still have some shirts from the fundraiser. Larges for $20.

I think the word is out; we will be relocating to Main St. Just right down the road from where we’re at now. We will have a larger facility that will accommodate more athletes and still give us more room per athlete. That’s exciting! This will all go down Saturday October 1. We have two trailers lined up and already have several volunteers to lend a hand with the move. More hands are welcome. If you are available that morning and you want to be a part of this all happening come join us. The more the merrier and really the easier lol! We might even let you voice your thoughts about setting up the new place… well maybe not. I got a little carried away. Unless you do have a really good idea, then we’ll talk.

I will do a little education at the top of class and work with everyone on soreness and tightness from the week.

“Weight Day”

This will be a day to work on technique and PRs. You pick the lift. I will make suggestions if needed. 

post PRs to comments