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Friday 9-21-12

“Fun Friday”

Did he say “get to the hopper?”

What a great idea! This “Fun Friday” each person will draw a WOD from the hopper, warm up and mobilize for it, get set up and go. Some people may be doing the same WOD but someone may be doing his/her own thing. FUN!!!

  • Mylene

    Omg! Great workout today everyone! And thank you to everybody who came to Kiery”s bday lunch. I also remember everybody who says they will do the “wedding gift” WOD with me. How about it Jaremy???

  • Camille Moore

    I love these fun Fridays!! I’m interested in doing this “wedding gift” WOD too!

  • Stacy Warren

    Im on board for the Wedding Gift wod!!! Come on Jaremy, it’s only fitting that your CF family shower you with this sort of gift…one that brings pain and agony…should probably do it well in advance of your wedding so that you will be able to stand through the whole ceremony!!!!