Friday 9-13-2013

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!! The CFT Team has been set up for Race for the Cure. The race will be held on Oct 19th. Go Here to register for the race. Choose to join a team. We are listed as CF Texarkana. We want a big team there to represent so get signed up and let’s show off all of the hard work you guys have been putting out. We’re going to try and get shirts made up for the race but it’ll be a matter of timing. We’re going to put a sign up sheet to get a head count and hopefully we can make it happen before the race. Today will be a little different in that you will have an option between 2 wods. I’d like to see all abled bodies do wod A, but we understand theres a lot of beginners who still need the practice. So here we go!!

Warm Up


Wod A

For Time: (30 Min Time Cap)

Flight Simulator


Double Unders

*Sets must be unbroken. You can’t move to the next until you’ve completed your current set. Attempts do not count, only reps where the rope fully passes through will be counted.

Wod B

For Time:

Row 300m

15 Double Unders/30 Singles

Row 250

30 Double Unders/60 Singles

Row 200

45 Double Unders/90 Singles

Row 150 

60 Double Unders/120 Singles

Cash Out:

Tabata Handstand Hold

Tabata Plank