Friday 8-8-2014

Warm Up


“Pick Your Wod”

For this wod you will be given a list of work to complete for time. It will be totally up to you how you want to accomplish it. For example a 1 mile run can be done straight through, 2×800’s, or even 8×200’s. Your choice. Be creative. Be different!!

You will have 5 Min before 3-2-1 Go to decide exactly how you want to do your wod and write it out. No changing it up after the clock starts!

For Time:

1 Mile Run

150 Abmat Sit Ups

60 Pull Ups

70 Burpees

30 Ground to Overhead 135/95

50 Deadlift @ 135/95

*If you scale the weight you will still use 1 bar for both the G2Oh and DL.

Cash Out:

5 Min Wall Stretch

4 x :30 on/ :15 off (Switch legs in rest)

Couch Stretch

4×7 Scapular Shrugs