Friday 8-3-12

Fun Friday!

I know I jumped the gun a little bit trying to get to Friday. First thing Thursday morning it was brought to my attention that even though I had the correct date on the blog, the day was wrong. You guys were on it faster than I’m on bad form LOL! Good looking out athletes, thanks.

We all seem to be enjoying the strength before the WODs Mon – Thurs and, of course, we are doing Fran the first Friday of the month. I want to make Fridays your day, something fun maybe. I have ideas but as good as I think my ideas are y’all always come up with GREAT ideas when I ask. What if we rotate some of those great ideas every Friday? Ideas, 3-2-1 GO!

We have registered some athletes for their first official CrossFit competition outside of the games open. It will be in Dallas the weekend of the 18th this month. Everyone is welcome to come spectate and support our group. Ask for details if you can make it. I know that the thought of competing is a little intimidating, some of those CrossFitters are beasts! Don’t let that deter you from competing. It could be one of the most fun things you’ve done in a long time. Most of the time there are many competitors that are at the same level you are. We will do more and more competitions and even host some at the new facility. If you have the slightest inclination to compete, see me. We will hook you up!

Warm Up: Spealler, Mobility – Do this one!



Thrusters, 95/65

Pull Ups

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