Friday 7-8-11

 Everyone is looking at this  right now to check out the WOD. I knew this would be a perfect time to share a few thoughts. Some of you are looking to get prepared for the WOD. Some want to size it up to see if you think you can hang. Regardless of what goes through your mind the night before, you show up and put your heart and soul into what we do.  For this Joe and I want to commend you. We’re not sure if all of you realize; you bust it harder than anyone else in this whole town! Really, harder than most period. Whether it’s those blasted burpees or those friggin’ two-fers, and no matter how much you want to tell us “shut up!” when we say “okay, halfway there” or “one minute let’s go!”, you finish it. You are truly committed to your fitness and you are the lifeblood of what we do. Joe and I want to thank you for that. It’s been a tough week and Friday is a well deserved recovery/make up day. Even though some of you are grinning from ear to ear right now, I do recommend you come in. Do a little deloading and stretch some tightness out or work on a skill. Of course if you’ve missed a WOD or want something we can do that too.

stretching is absolutely a necessary evil
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