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Friday 7-6-12

I’ve bought into what you’re about to see for some time now. Some of you are going to watch it and blow it off. Some of you are going to watch it and come up with reasons why it isn’t for you. Some of you, a select few, are going to watch this and apply it, and we are all going to see a drastic difference. I can’t wait!

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener (with bar)



Thrusters, 95/65

Pull Ups

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  • Sandy A.

    this has always been a fascinating subject for me: the combination of genes,lifestyle, and exposure that can predict ones’ life length. I started getting interested in nutrition and exercise back in the 80s but really started getting serious about it in the 90s. Can controlled nutrition, exercise (performance) reduce the speed at which one’s telomeres shorten, causing cells to ultimately halt replication, and lengthen ones life?(and quality of life). I love to discuss molecular biology so if anyone else has any input, lets’ discuss!!