Friday 6-8-12

I was flipping through the new WODTALK magazine and I ran across an article that caught my eye. I’ve seen comments  like this before and I’ve even shared similar material on our FB page.

Many of us walked through the doors of our first CrossFit gym with the primary goal of changing or maintaining how we look. Through CrossFit, our focus shifts from what our body looks like to what it can do. With the change from form to function comes a change in how we see our body.

Kittleberger (former gymnast, now CrossFitter) started paying attention to the numbers of her max lifts and benchmark WODS instead of the numbers on the scale. “I’m much more comfortable in my own skin and less obsessed with my weight”, says Kittleberger about the effects of that shift.

She goes on to say a number of things have changed for the better. The magazine sums up by saying that growing up female there seems to be a primary focus on how we (females) look, rather than how smart or strong or creative we are. If we don’t “look good”, we often feel lacking. Happily, CrossFit is a place where the primary focus isn’t looks but physical ability, and unlike the realm of aesthetics, perfection is not the expectation.

I guess that this “clicked” with me because so many females come in here wanting the looks. My primary focus is on what you can do. My view is if you are fit and healthy then you are going to look your best.

Down to business…

Warm Up: 1X CrossFit Warm Up



Thrusters, 95/65 lbs

Pull Ups

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