Friday 6-13-2014

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

Warm Up (90 Double Unders)


(S) Straddle Hollow Body Rock 5×12

(M) Table Inside Out 5×3 Per side

(S) Negative Dips 5×5

(M) Double Arm Circle Forward/Backward 5×10


Friday the 13th Wod


400M Run (3 min to complete)

*may depend on weather


Every Min on the Min for 12 Min

1 KB Swing 53/35

1 Burpee

*add 1 rep to each movement the next round

Throughout this workout/chase the athlete will be pursued by a slow and deliberate Jason Voorhees (played by the timer). Jason will move at a predictable pace and it’s the athletes’ job to outlast him. We’ll begin with a run that the athlete has 3 minutes to complete. After that, the workout changes pace and becomes a 12-minute “death-by” workout (one minute for each of the 12 “Friday the 13th” movies). Each minute, the athlete must fight off Jason (perform a kettlebell swing) and trip/get back up (perform a burpee). The rep count of each movement coincides with minute of the “death-by.” For example, in minute 1 the athletes must perform one rep of each movement. In minute 5, athletes must perform 5 reps of each movement. If you find that you can’t finish the reps within the minute, that means you have been caught by Jason. If you make it all the way through round 12, you have survived. Your score does not include the run.




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