Friday 6-1-12

I want to remind everyone that starting next week we will have kids classes in the a.m. We will be running three major groups for classes: Preschool (ages 3-5), Kids (ages 5-12), Teens (ages 12-18). Please note that that it is not the age of your child that is the deciding factor for which class he or she attends. It is largely based upon individual skill, athleticism, and maturity and is ultimately decided upon by the head coach (me) to ensure your child is getting the most out of the CrossFit experience. Preschool class lasts 20 minutes, Kids class lasts 30 minutes, and the Teens class a 50 minute classes that look much like an adult class.  Based on their movement mechanics and desire, one-hour weightlifting sessions will be offered to the Teens by invite only. Classes will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with the PreK and Kids starting at 9:30 and the Teens starting at 10:30. Invite only sessions will be held Wednesday and/or Friday at class time. Contact me for additional details.

We are coming up on CrossFit for Hope. The date is June 9th here at the box. The goal is to register and receive donations for St. Jude’s Hospital. This will be a global CrossFit event with thousands of people participating. I hope we have a great turnout and I will post more on the details as the week goes. For general information Google CrossFit for Hope.

   Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener (we will do a little more detailed Burgener to make sure everybody is getting it right) 

One of my favorite K Starr quotes, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes habit. Bad practice makes bad habit.”

For Time:

100 Double Unders


3 Rounds:

400 M Run

Bear Crawl down the mat

12 Towel Pull Ups (everybody bring a towel)

Bear Crawl up the mat

Post time to comments 

This video shows several different towel pull ups. We will work with two. Up, switch, down and switch, switch, switch. This will gear us up for rope climbs!