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Friday 5-4-12

Group Warm Up and WOD Overview





Pull Ups

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She walked in the first day looking “GLOBO”. Now Kiery is a CrossFitter through and through. She has used coke cans at work as a roller to mobilize her legs, now that deserves an “atta girl”!

  • Justin Hignight

    6:54…2day was by far my best Fran yet, not only b/c of a PR on the time but b/c I made the proper modifications to my thrusters & it gave me perfect form! 45 lbs may seem light but u could probably clean a feather on Fran & it would still about kill u! LOL Thanks again Jaremy for the coaching 2day! I was very encouraged by my progress!

    • Kim

      45 lbs doesn’t seem light to me at all b/c by the time I got to the 3rd one I wondered what I was thinking doing that weight????  I only did 40 lbs yesterday on an “easy” lift and then thought I would up it for Fran!  Stupid thought!  It is done now but it wasn’t pretty and hopefully I can move tomorrow!