Friday 5-11-12

WOW! There is a lot of q&a going on about the Warrior Dash, mostly the q. We’ve got people asking everything but what color underwear they should wear…and it isn’t Saturday yet. This is gonna be a fun time y’all, we can all take a deep breath and relax. It might rain, it might not. We might can switch up some “tickets”, we might not can. If you don’t have a registration I believe you can still have a good time but you may not get to participate. I say we all meet up Saturday morning, get on the road and make a fun day of it.If you have specific questions visit the site and ask or email them.

We called an audible on Thursday’s WOD and I feel like everyone did good. It’s alright to just kind of check and see where everybody’s at now and again. I saw some drastic improvement on some lifts! Keep up the good work.

I want to make today a make up/skill/mobility day with a suggested WOD. ??? What that means is it’s recess and the box is your playground today! Several that are going to the Warrior dash are wanting a “light day” today and I can’t think of a better way to do it than to work on a skill, say double unders, or get in some mobility. Maybe you missed a day and want to make it up, we had some good WODs this week. If none of that sounds good, I can’t see any reason why a good ‘ole girl WOD won’t do the trick…



Deadlift, 225/155

Handstand Push Ups

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