Friday 4-27-12

I have been reading on two of the most common injuries in an athletes life, the knees and the shoulders. It’s amazing how prevalent these injuries are and yet how avoidable they are at the same time. Knee problems are often thought to be from overuse or weak knees. So they get wrapped and they get worked to get stronger. Someone reaches out with a hand and experiences shoulder pain. They must have weak shoulders, so they work their shoulders. How many athletes have great delts and traps but have bad shoulders? Stand on one leg in good form for as long as you can. What gets tired first, the knee or the hip? Hold a handstand for a significant length of time in good form and see what gets tired first. Is it the delts or the back/scapula region?

Training with good form strengthens good form and thus reduces the risk of injury. If you can box jump 24″ repetitively but you don’t have the hip strength to keep the knees from caving in, what should you do?  If you can press 100 lbs overhead but can’t get an active shoulder, guess what you should do? The answer is always DO LESS BETTER! The order of our operations is and always should be mechanics, consistent mechanics and then, and only then, relative intensity.

Group Warm Up

Deadlift Strength


For Time:

400 M Sled Power walk with 1/2 bw

30 GHD/Abmat Sit Ups

400 M Sled Pull with 1/2 bw

30 GHD/Abmat Sit Ups

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Sometime in February this class was two people. We’re moving on up!