Friday 3-2-12

Workshops Saturday at 8:30 a.m. We have many new people and some that have been with us for a short while. Instead of doing one workshop that may be a repeat of what some have already done we will have 2-3 at the same time. You will have a choice to sit in on any one you want. This would be a good idea for anyone wanting to learn something new.

20 Mins: Warm Up, Squat Strength and WOD Overview.

Warm Up: Butt Kickers, Stiff-Legged March, Elbows to Arches, Handstands

Squat Strength: We have all gotten off of being on the same week. This is fine, I figured it would end up this way. Whatever week your on just go with it and don’t try to jump to a week that someone else is on. If you have completed one wave (a 4 week period) then ask how to change your percentages to increase.

4 Rounds for Time:

Sled pull down and back, Body Weight

Bear Crawl down and back

20 Sit Ups

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We get so excited about our athletes doing pull ups that weren’t doing them before that we forget to give credit to those who have improved their pull up. Derik has gotten good at the kipping pull up and is crushing previous WOD times! Along with getting stronger and improved technique on his lifts he is becoming quite the CrossFitter.