Friday 12-7-12

Saturday after the open gym we will go to Zapatas for a diaper and wipes shower for Molly and baby Kingslee. We’ll meet @ 11 a.m.

I feel like we had a successful day of pull ups. We’ve been doing 100 days of Double Unders and it is obviously making a huge difference in our double under performance. I believe we can take it to another level yet but before we do a Double Under clinic we will work on the rower first. Monday at the top of class: Row workshop!

If you are to excel at sports, you have to develop special strength qualities that pertain to your sport’s activities. Don’t generalize strength and make it into weak or strong or fast or slow. However, you can be strong and slow or weak and fast. Some believe there is only one way to weight train. They don’t recognize that an individual needs special activities to increase his speed or maximal strength. Many people seem to think that a very strong person lacks endurance or is slower than a man of average strength. – Louie Simmons

15 Warm Up: Mat Trips, 20 Wall Balls, Double Unders

For Time:

21 Front Squats, .5 BW

400 M Run

15 Front Squats, .5 BW

400 M Run

9 Front Squats, .5 BW

400 M Run

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