Friday 11-8-2013

Great job to everyone this week!! I know that we threw a lot of info out there but we hope you guys took a few things away from this week that you will apply to make you move more efficiently. Reminder Please remember that we want the mat clear when all classes begin. If you are working on the mat then please move to the side when classes are about to begin. Thanks! 

!!!Everyone needs to bring a deck of cards today. If you don’t have a deck of cards, there are free deck of card apps for all smart phones. 

Fun Friday

Teams of 3-4

For Time:

Use a full, pre shuffled standard deck of cards including both jokers. On 3-2-1 go, turn over a card and each member of the team will perform the reps shown (unless otherwise noted). The team will not flip the next card until every member of the team has completed the reps prescribed. 

Hearts – Hand Release Push Ups

Diamonds – Pull Ups

Spades – Abmat Sit Ups

Clubs – Air Squats

Jokers (2) – All team members run 400m together.

Aces – You must re perform the previous card showing. Excluding aces.

Queens – 4 Rope climbs. Split one athlete at a time.

Jacks – 10 Wall Climbs. Split, one athlete working at a time.

Score total time.