Friday 11-2-12

30 Ways To Never Get The Body You Want And Feel Terrible Trying:

#24) Remember that food isn’t there to fuel your body or make you feel great… it’s just a never-ending cycle of missed opportunities to lose weight.

I’ve tried to make sure over the last couple of days that everybody is well informed on the direction we’re moving with the box. I’ll briefly cover it here and then we’ll continue to go over it and answer questions as we make all the transitions.

Each athlete (member) new and old will fall into one of 3 fitness levels. Your specific WOD will revolve around your level. This will help us help you…help us help you…help…us…help…you (some of you will get it).

We are making progress on the new box and I’m tellin ya, just standing on the pad is an awesome feeling. It’s easy to envision the layout and see the potential. I have pics and they will come soon as we progress more and more.

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Cleans, 135#/95#

Ring Dips

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*we will begin specific scaling and modifying for this WOD*