Friday 11-18-11

It’s great to see a good turn out for mobility days. It always works out that some of our athletes learn something new. I had time to work with several today on many things and I know I will see improvement in their WODs as a result. Kudos to you that showed up!

My focus as the trainer/coach is to make sure that everyone is performing the exercises correctly. I’m sure some wonder why I “harp” on full range of motion, good set up and proper body mechanics, but there are also those that “get it”. I got a great question from one of the ones that gets it. The question went something like “I know everything we do is supposed to mimic natural movement, but where does the overhead squat come in?” An overhead squat done properly is the ultimate functional movement. It takes mobility, flexibility, core strength and stability, balance, and the strength to control external objects to the highest level. No other single exercise we do will generate as much total body strength. This total body strength and mobility translates into better movement. However, this one single exercise also exposes more strength and mobility weaknesses than any other exercise we do. You could look at the overhead squat as a test of your fitness as we view it. So to answer the question, of course we don’t usually on any given day just bust out in an overhead squat outside of the box but the ability to overhead squat eases the moves that we do use on any given day. On that note, those of you that don’t “get it” and continue to disregard the necessity of full range of motion will never be able to advance to a proper overhead squat and thus never pass a true fitness test as we view it. It’s okay, and even preferred, to scale and modify to your abilities and actually increase your work capacity gradually and properly rather than to use diminished movement and never truly advance. I want to see you still making improvements a year from now but that starts with making improvements now and improvement is not always more weight and new exercises in your arsenal. If you’re not ready for them it could mean a step back. Be smart and succeed.

5 Rounds for Time:

40 m overhead walk – weight to be determined at WOD time

30 wallball shots 20/14 lb med ball 

40 m farmers walk – weight to be determined at WOD time

40 meters will be starting at one end of the box and walking to the other end. 

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