Friday 10-3-2014

We’re going to be running a fall promotion for the months of October, November and December. If you pay for all 3 months up front with your October bill, you’ll only pay full membership for October and November. For December you’ll only pay $25. This will help free up some Christmas spending money for you guys! Spread the word.

Warm Up

*Jumping Jacks

*Spealler Warm Up


“Karen’s Revenge”

For Time:

150 Wall Balls 20/14

*Do 1 Burpee every time you stop your wallballs. Accumulate the burpees every time where you do 1 burpee the first time you stop, 2 the second, 3 the third, etc.

Cash Out:

3×12 GHD Hip Extensions/Good Mornings

3×12 Hollow Body Rocks

3×5 Bridge Ups