Friday 1-4-13

We got HIT UP on the 90 Day Challenge today. Lots of questions. I want to clear up how it works. Anybody at anytime can set a 90 day goal for anything. If you want to lose 20 lbs that’s your 90 day challenge. If you want to be able to do a muscle up and handstand walks, that’s your 90 day challenge. Each person starts their 90 Day Challenge at their own time unless you want to partner up with somebody else with similar goals. If we meet with you and set your goals Monday then you can start as early as Monday. If we set your goal Monday and we determine you start next week on Wednesday, then that’s when YOU¬†start. Each Challenge will have different stipulations and different rewards. The best thing we thought we could do after the response we got was to set up a calendar with available times to meet with us to go over your goals and determine a plan of action and a reward. Rewards will be different depending on what your goals are and what motivates you best. Some people want a free month, some would rather have a shirt or a gift certificate. We will get the calendar on the announcement board by Monday. Thanks everybody for your enthusiasm!

15 Minute Warm Up: 500 m row, double unders, mat trips, dynamic stretches


Rope Climb

We will go over the rope climb and different variations and strategies.


5 Minute Rope Climb

How many rope climbs can you get in 5 minutes.


“Open Gym”

For the remainder of the class it’s your thang. Have Fun!