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Friday 1-20-11

I wanted to re-post this to catch anyone that may have missed it. I would like everyone making it Saturday to feel free to bring someone.

This Saturday and the next few Saturdays in fact we will hold sessions before the WOD for any and all new athletes and anyone that wants to understand what we do and why do it or get educated on some lifts/exercises etc. The WOD is usually about 9. They may get pushed back just a few minutes to more like 9:30. We will begin session at about 8:30. I really encourage everyone to make it.

We will have a Super Bowl party at the Byrd’s. Lot’s of CrossFit camaraderie and good times. More details on time and what to bring as the day approaches.

We have another opportunity to get Olympic great Kendrick Farris to visit the box and “school” us on some lifting. We are looking at the end of March. To lock it down we need to generate @ $2,000. That’s 10 athletes willing to do $200 each. It would be well worth it. Get in touch with me or Joey for some details.

For Time:

20 Squat Cleans 135 lbs.

20 Box Jumps 24″

20 Overhead walking lunges 45 lbs.

20 Box Jumps 24″

20 Squat Cleans 135 lbs.

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It’s catching on. Do the scorpion!