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Warm Up

Overhead Squat/Snatch

3-5min Foam Roll

Concentrate on Quads and Lat’s

3 rds tabata jumping jacks

20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

1 min each movement or 30 seconds each side.

Couch Stretch


Open Half Kneeling

Prayer Stretch

3 Eccentric Curl

Deep Squat With Rotation

( Warrior Stretch)

Burgener Snatch warm up

Overhead Squat 5X5


5@ Warm up weight

5@ Warm up weight

5 @ work weight

5 @ work weight .

5 @ 5 Lbs heavier than last week

We will be doing OHS for the next 6 weeks. gradually increase weight over each set, and try add 5 Lbs to the last set each week.

Flower Child (Time)

21 Slam Balls

200m Run

12 Wall Balls

200m Run

18 Slam Balls

200m run

15 Wall Balls

200m Run

15 Slam Balls

200m Run

18 Wall Balls

200m Run

12 Slam Balls

200m Run

21 Wall Balls

200m walk….. WOD time is when you finish Wall Balls
20min time cap

Cashout Plank/ Good Mornings (No Measure)

2-4 Rounds:

10 Good Mornings (With band or barbell)

1 min Plank Hold

Rest as needed between rounds

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