Flight Simulator

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Warm-up (No Measure)

50 jumping jacks

3 rounds

12 kb swings

10 squats

8 burpees

Overhead Squat (5×4)

Ascending weight

Flight Simulator (Time)

for time:


double unders for time

*you must stop after each round is completed

*if you break during a set you must start that number back over again

*Example: if I am on the round of 20 and I break at 19 I start over on the round of 20

20 min Time CAP

if doing singles double the reps unless you feel your not able to make it under the CAP

Snatch Pull (7 min EMOM)

Extra Comp Work

1 snatch pull + 1 floating squat snatch

*if you fail, drop 5-10 lbs for next set

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