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Coach Joey doing what we do

  Less than  year ago I was introduced to CrossFit by Ben Davis. He and I had worked out together off and on for a couple of years. We trained for a triathlon, played basketball,  lifted weights, and even did p90x.  I guess we were searching for a training program that was constantly varied. The first CrossFit type work out I did was the 300 workout. It was the workout that the actors of the movie 300 did to test their progress when they were training for the movie. I realized just by doing this workout, I was not in as good of condition  as I thought I was. Ben would come up with more CrossFit workouts and we would do them occasionally, but I didn’t want to do them very often because I was trying to get bigger and stronger,and I thought you couldn’t do that doing those type workouts…. Sound familiar? I obviously didn’t understand CrossFit, but was interested in it so I read more about it and watched a few YouTube videos. Well after seeing Chris Spealler do Fran and Jason Khalipa dead lift,I realized I was totally wrong.  It was actually what I had been  searching for all along. I  had the constantly varied part right, but needed to do functional movements at high intensity! That’s Crossfit! I bought into it, and converted some space in our barn to a small Crossfit gym. I went Crossfit 100%, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Every measure of physical fitness got better- endurance, strength, power,  balance, and stamina.  Crossfit was working! Jeff Schwint joined us when his schedule allowed. Hart Jeanis,and Cash Sparks were  drinking the Kool-Aid. My 17 year old son, Austin,got involved. We were all experiencing some real progress. The more I did Crossfit, the more I wanted to share it with others, but not enough to quit my job! So opening a gym was a nice dream,but that was about it until Jeff told me about a trainer at this “other” gym that was doing Crossfit type workouts with some of his clients. I decided I needed to meet this guy.  This is when I was introduced to Jaremy Lynn, and in the first 5 min of discussing ideas with him, I knew I had a partner. So here we are.  Less than a year ago from never hearing about Crossfit to opening a Crossfit box. I have to thank my wife Leann, for really never thinking I was crazy and giving me support, and all the guys that started with me in the barn, Jaremy, who really made this happen, and especially every friend and athlete at Crossfit Texarkana. I am so thankful for your courage to try something new, and willingness to work so hard everyday you show up. There is so much more to CrossFit than the things I mentioned above. It is truly about achieving total fitness! That’s what makes it exciting, and I’m glad to be sharing that with you!

Thanks again!,

Joe Byrd

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