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Warmup (No Measure)

2:00 Hip Hinge Dominant Rowing (Instead of bringing your legs all the way in, move primarily with the hips)

3 Rounds w/SxDB (5:00 Cap)

5 Suitcase Deads

5 Suitcase HPC

5 Strict Press

5 Power Snatches

All on one side then all on the other.

Build to WOD weight

Barbell Power Snatch Primer

3 Sets of 3 EMOM (Building to WOD weight)

Not touch and go. Drop & reset.

Oly Strength

E2MOM For 10:00 (5 Sets)

Snatch Style Deadlift x 5 Reps

Go @ 85-95% of your best snatch.

Double Trouble (Time)

Partner WOD (Teams of 2)

For Time:

One Round of Isabel

2 x 42′ SxDB BTN Walking Lunge

One Round of Isabel

2 x 42′ SxDB Goblet Walking Lunge

One Round of Isabel

2 x 42′ SxDB OH Walking Lunge

(2 Hands on the DB)

One Round of Isabel

Isabel = 30 Power Snatches (Rx weight today is 95/65, Rx+ is 135/95)(Alternate Every Rep)

Rx & Rx+ today is a 50/35 DB

On the walking lunges each partner will do one 42′ trip while the other rests.

Accessory Work (No Measure)

3 Rounds:

10 Glute Ham Raises (Floor or GHD)

10 Weighted Strict GHD Situps (plate behind head…do not go any lower than 90° on the way down. Choose your weight.)

Use bands on each movement if necessary.

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