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12-22-15 (No Measure)

Rowling with a partner

5 rounds each

if you are over or under 100 meters each round do that many burpees with a max of 5
then Burgener warm up

w/ PVC or bar (athlete choice)

Snatch (7×3 high hang snatch try and work full snatch)

you may add weight if you are comfortable otherwise work on technique

Donner (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds 90s each round

90s row calories

90s single unders

90s sit-ups

*score with a smiley face or frown face

:) :(

EXTRA comp work (score snatch balance)

work to heavy triple Sots press (behind neck)

work to heavy triple snatch balance

try and keep under 5 sets for each

does not require a max either

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