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So proud of all our teams and individual competitors, all of your hard work showed this weekend when you all cleaned house at Chaos!!!

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

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12-14-15 (No Measure)

lot trips

lat and wrist mobility

2 rounds

8 wall ball

7 push-ups

6 side to side squats(lateral)

Front Squat (5×5@70% 20 min CAP)

Dasher (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds

1 min double unders

1 min rope climbs

1 min weighted sit-ups 25/15

1 min rest

*score total reps

rope climb modification-1 rope climb equals 1 pull from back to standing plus three hanging knee up from the rope

On weighted sit-ups the plate touches floor above head and heels

Score total reps

Shoulder Press (3×8 add 10 pounds to last week+1 max set pick load)

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